How Would Your Story Be Like If You Were The Writer Yourself?

A beast falling in love with you or a physicist marrying a microbiologist. Ohh!! Did it sound like I was talking about “Beauty and the Beast” or “Big Bang Theory.”

Damn!! I did not want to sound like cliche love novel that everyone reads here and there.

But, I am a born lover.

Haha ha… Now that was cheesy.

Well, living a life without love is like a river without water.

Oh god!!! Again cliche.

Ok….ok…Let’s get to the point.

For starters,

If I could write a life story about myself, it would be something like me cuddling… Don’t get any wrong idea.

It’s with my dog.

I always wanted a pet around loving me, playing with me as a mind and mood booster. Aren’t they just cute to share a life with.

I usually get jealous when my Instagram is filled with images of cute little pups or dogs #love #loveformydog #emotionalsupportdoglove.

It’s like the world is flooded with love and here I am alone and grumpy always.

Next on the list is,


Being a single mother. I hardly get time to anywhere. Work, baby, and work. It’s like things are completely monotonous. 

And if I could live my life once again. I would just pack my bag and leave for different cities and countries. Learn about their culture, adopt a few if I like.

But, yes, would love to have a daughter in that life too.

Another thing, that I would love to do is,


I am sure you would be wondering, this is something you can do now as well.  But, I am definitely not talking about biking inside the city.

I am talking about mountain biking. Adventure and thrill.. That’s exactly what’s missing from my life.

These are precisely the things I wish to change about my life and write myself.

I wish I could take me back to my college days and start my life all over again. Learn more, party more. Something that’s practically omitted from my life right now.

In short, the answer to the question would be like-

I went into college completed my studies, get away to live a life filled with adventures, uncertainties, love, care, compassion, friends, and everything just running in full swing.

Although, I would love to retain my chirpiness, upfront behavior, and my sunshine my Daugherty in the story exactly where they are now.

A life little less of tragedies and a little more of memories which I can cherish through my life, telling my daughter what I did and what she can learn from me.

For now, all she sees is struggles, work, me leaving her for going to work, less playtime more work time.

Off-road biking, sky diving, a successful career, and less of melodramas.

I love Beauty and the beast, does not mean I want one in my life, a beast. Definitely not.

All I want is a life filled with more of happy memories and less of tragic stories to share.

That’s how a writer I want to be. Shower more love, happiness and prevent any incidents that will affect my life in a certain way.

Isn’t that a fantasy?

Nothing can be achieved like that. Just a dream though.

Everybody lives for a perfect life. Thinking of what could have been done. What if I would have done that?

What if it could have been better?

Well, the fact is, the life does not stop for anyone. You just need to brush things off and start life again with passion and make things you wish come true.

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