5 Wonderful Ways to Know Your Cat Loves You

Your cat cannot speak to you. There are tons of expressions and volumes of ways to know how your emotional support cat is supporting you. Unlike dogs, cats are not so easy to read. You can find dogs expressing them in ways unimaginable. From tail wagging to face slurping- dogs will wear their heart on the sleeve for you. 

That doesn’t mean that cats are devoid of showing love. They will take care of you in several ways that might go unnoticed. So, next time if your cat is meowing for your attention. Pawing all over your shoulder, purring all day long, make sure that you delve deep into all such actions. 

How does your cat behave, let us know in the comment section below? For now, we will let you know how you can find whether or not your cat loves you

When eyes do the talking

Interestingly, cats will not stare directly into your eyes. According to research, they will blink often and show you their love. Doctors also say that direct staring is a threat to cats. Instead, they will keep their eyes wide-opened and blink lazily to display a sense of affection. 

Next time keep your eye on the tiny squints and lazy blinks. If you think that cats lack affection. You are wrong. Cats are not only fond of their owners but we have seen them supporting their owners mentally, from time to time. 

Rubbing their face against yours

Imagine yourself sitting on the porch of your house. Sipping coffee after a hectic day in the office. Suddenly a furry looking creature climbs on you, starts butting his/her head against your head and face, in the fondest manner. Wouldn’t it relax you and make you feel cared for. 

It is the most adorable way through which cats show love. Like dogs mark their territory, cats rub their heads against their favorite humans to let other animals know that you belong with them. Interestingly, cats have glands on the cheeks and head. This way, the cat is passing her scent to you and making you a part of her family. 

Munching your fingers

Cat bites are not dangerous or a sign of threat. A cat knows nothing of bite intensity. They certainly know that it is for the cause of affection. Take it positively. If your cat tries to nibble on your finger next time, know that the innocent creature is deeply in love with you. 

You can see cats nibbling on their own kind. Therefore, it could mean that they chew your hands and fingers for the same reason. The reason that undoubtedly makes you a part of them.  

Leg rubbing is the sign of true love

It is important for an emotional support cat to rub against you. To lead a better and normal life let your cat rub against your leg. You will feel relieved for the moment your cat is endearing to your leg. 

A cat frantically entwined to your leg. Continuously, licking your leg. Wouldn’t that be the nicest thing any cat could do its owner? So mark that as a vital factor if you plan on buying a cat for mental improvement. 

Showing-off the round-fur-filled belly

Mr. kitty rolling inside and out in all its glory is another sign of love. Remember cats will not be vulnerable in front of anyone. They will only show their belly if they adore you. A cat flashing a belly is similar to a human sharing deep secrets with you. Also, means that your cat cares for you immensely. 

In the words of the famous author Charles Dickens, “ What greater gift than the love of a cat.”. It only indicates that you can find all the solace you need in a cat. No efforts just a little attention on the little wonder you chose as your emotional support cat

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