Kill Monday Blues With A Dog

What would be the best way to bust out the Monday blues out of your miserable life than playing with your dog?

Allow me to answer this one, not a damned thing. Dogs are the best thing that could happen to humankind. 

They are cute, loving, giving and selfless, they are god walking on all fours for you, showering that heavenly nectar. 

Shut u[, I have heard it too. Yes, I might have gone too far with this one, but it is true, pooches are love.

So the question that arises from all this talk is, how would you be able to beat the Monday blues out of you?

Here is how:

Start the Day with Pooch-koo!

Start that sh*t of the day called Monday with your poochiekoo. Beat that sun in the morning and rise early, not ideal I know, but you can do this for your pal. 

Now, for me, I like to visit the places in my city which are usually super crowded all day long. The reason behind this madness is that I love to see how these buildings look empty. 

Also, these buildings are super spacious and are beautiful to look at. When your dog is with you trust me these experiences are even great. 

Go Swimming in the morning 

Swimming in the morning is the best kind of exercise there will ever be right? No! Swimming in the morning with your dog is considered the best kind of exercise there ever will be. 

Unlike those mini minions named, cats, pooches love the water and swimming precisely. Dogs are great swimmers, so wouldn’t have to worry about the life jacket or anything. 

On the other hand they are the perfect company, there is and there will ever be. This activity will not only clean your mind but will detoxify your body too. 

Have a Gentlemen’s Breakfast together 

I am not talking about normal breakfast with class, no Sire! We are dealing with some real sh*t here.

Put on a suit, comb those messy hair of yours, wear those classy shoes of yours too.

On the canine side, comb him too, let the boy his most expensive collar till date. 

Let the air inside the room smell of flowers and fresh bones. One more thing, all this is happening before dawn, no sunlight. 

Why? Because you need scented candles for this one. No pictures, no videos, it is just pal-time. 

You can keep going into the scene as much as you can, usage of expensive china can be a start.

A long Drive

Again before dawn activity; I love driving in the dark and early mornings are my meat, dogs company is cherry on the top. 

You do not have to dress up for this one, just put on those PJ’s, a loose tank top and pairs of sneakers, and you’re good to go. 

Roam around the city, hit a mountain range, or docks, they are beautiful in the morning. 


Now, thanks to all the activities we have discussed, your dog will serve as emotional support dog.

These selfless creatures are great bros of us, we just have to make sure we are taking care of them in the same way they are taking care of us. 

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