Don’t Have A Green Thumb? Here’s What You Need To Know

Creating a green space around you can be the most refreshing and rewarding things. But turning your lawn into a garden, whether for florals or vegetables or medical cannabis can be tricky. 

As it is usually difficult to know where to start. 

Understanding the basics of gardening will ensure a garden full of visuals, delicious flavors, and colorful blooms. So, if you wish to join yourself into a growing club, here’s a head start to do it right.

Know About The Region

It might sound like I am stating the obvious. But, one should have an idea that not everything can be grown everywhere. So, whatever you wish to grow is clearly dependent on the place or area where you live. 

Hence, understanding the climate, sun exposure, weather conditions is how you need to start your growing process. You can also talk to someone that works in a local garden and get an idea for the same.

As knowing the limitations and possibilities makes it easier to grow the right plants for your garden without wasting much of your efforts. 

Know About Your Soil

You must have an idea about acidity and alkalinity of your soil. As this factor affects the absorption of nutrients. Also, different plants thrive in different pH conditions. 

So, testing your soil will help to identify the kind of plants that you can plan to grow for your garden. 

You can also send your soil for testing to get clear statistics about your soil.

In addition to that, it is important to learn about your soil texture as well.  For instance, if your soil is immensely hard or clay-like, it will be a difficult grow medium as plants will not be able to grow roots. 

Start With Easy Plants 

Growing vegetables can be fun if you wish to start your garden. They are easily manageable, don’t take much time to grow as well. You can also go for sunflowers as an option to start over. So, even if you make any kind of mistake, it would not cost you months of efforts. 

But, as they say, early success is always motivational. So, start with something easy and then move to more complicated plants such as medical cannabis. 

Planning is Important 

You must avoid any potential disasters or mess-ups during the growing time. For this, you can start researching the preferred options that will be helpful for creating a growing space accordingly. 

Ideally, perennials live for more than 2 years and must be planted at 18 inches apart. It will give you room for new plants to make your garden look fuller.

Also, you must have an idea about the height of your plants as well. As shorter plants should be planted towards the front or at the edges of the garden. And taller plants must be planted towards the back. 

This will help your plants get an appropriate length and duration of sun exposure ideal for their growing requirements. 

Keep A Growing Journal 

It is about writing stuff that you need to remember. Or for keeping a track of your activity. Keeping notes will help you rewind the entire process in case if you feel something is going wrong. 

Plus, it will also help you in case you are planning to grow the same plant again the next year. 

Set A Growing Calendar

It’s about maintaining a task list that you are planning to do in every season. For instance, you can do the fertilizing before the end of fall. And in fall, you can start pruning trees or large shrubs. 

Any additions must be done during this period. Cut down on any woody plants or roses during the winter season (usually before the first frost).

Every plant is different in its own way. Understand their respective requirements to have an amazing growing year for yourself. 

Water Judiciously

Every plant has different water requirements. It is important to maintain consistency and give just enough amount of water. 

Also, ensure that water completely penetrates into the soil. Normally, new plants need to be watered more frequently as the root system is still developing. 

Experts advise watering your plants early morning before it gets too warm. You can also look for the growing journal of that particular plant to do it right. 

In the end, proper maintenance and patience is the key to a successful gardening season or a year. Make time for your garden, weed, prune, tidy up to let your plants thrive. 

Impatience can lead to failures. 

Don’t ever do that. 

If you are a budding gardener, follow these simple steps and create a lush green garden for yourself within no time. 

And, if you don’t have a space for a garden, you can also go for containers for growing your favorite plants. 

Not sure how it can be done? Talk to us.

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