Hide That Cannabis Smell Using These Effective Tips

If you are a marijuana user or cultivator, you are familiar with the term ‘dank smell’. For you, the cannabis smell is heavenly and it makes you feel at home. But you have spent so much time smoking marijuana, that you almost forgot that non-canna users are not used to smelling marijuana. Depending on the fact who you are surrounded with, you might want to hide that smell. Especially if it is a friend who always asks you,  ‘why do you smell different today’. Nope, that’s definitely not a good sign. 

It is an indirect sign to help you know that you are not smelling good. And here is a secret – girls do not like guys who smell weird or bad. Instead, you cannot go out on a date smelling funny. Can you? Neither can you go for official meetings covered with the dank smell? So, here are some effective ways to disguise the smell.

Light a scented candle

Before you start a smoking session. Light a candle in the room. It is best if you light the candle ten minutes before the session. Choose your favorite scent. Be it vanilla, jasmine, or lavender. Lighten the atmosphere surrounding the room and you will be good to go. 

Scented candles will also develop a positive aura. So, the moment someone enters your room their nasal passage will feel invited. 

Always cover your cannabis in a sealed container

If you know the value of cannabis, you will not leave it unattended. Keep your bud in a tight container. You can use a stash jar or other storage devices. Now, there are three benefits of storing cannabis in a stash jar. First, you will be successful at covering yourself and the surroundings of the dank smell. Second, the jar is airtight. Your cannabis will not get affected by humidity. The bud will stay fresh and last long. Third, you know exactly where to find your well-kept cannabis. 

Try vaping

It is one of the most effective ways to hide the marijuana smell. Vapes are designed to get rid of the lingering smell. Vapes containing THC or CBD strains, bought by the help of a medical marijuana card will directly hit your brain in a few seconds. Eventually, your hair, body, clothes, and skin will stay smell free. You can buy a vape online or from a medical marijuana dispensary. 

Use a good odor eliminator 

Covering weed odor is different from complete elimination. Just imagine, you are inviting your girlfriend for dinner. But your home smells of weed. It will not be a nice inviting gesture. So, you can either spray a home freshener or use a good odor eliminator. You can find good ones online and use them in this situation. One spray will help you eliminate the maximum odor. So, now you can go ahead and have a successful dinner date. 

Treat your hair, skin, and clothes

Your skin, hair, and clothes are the biggest area where the pungent smell will hide. If you think spraying some freshener in the room will help. You are on the wrong track. You have to spray a good deodorant, perfume on yourself first. Then make sure you stay in the open for a while. Let natural air do its magic and then if you have time to take a shower. Clean yourself thoroughly and change the clothes. Treating yourself will help you cover the smell more often than covering it for the surrounding environment. 

So, how are you covering up your dank smell? By smoking weed in the open or with the help of a good perfume. Whatever trick you use it will definitely help you hide the mushy smell. 

Let happiness and freshness radiate from your cannabis experience!

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