Plants That Are Enemies to Your Feline

Cats are soft and sensitive creatures. They need a lot of care and love. If you are drawing them home, you have to be cautious about everything. 

Certainly, felines are apt to allergies and other ailments. So, they need the right set up to share living with you. And this is obvious if you are welcoming a permanent partner to your home, it necessitates some changes.

It includes everything ranging from, furniture, rugs, food, scents, music and even plants. Yes, there are many common house plants which are harmful to a kitten’s health. And if you have a garden, you have to make sure variations in it.

Indeed, all your houseplants are not fatal to your kitty’s health, but, yes, some of them are dangerous for their well-being.

If you are up for welcoming a cat home, or a cat owner, this blog will help you find the plants which are not healthy for your catty.

Aloe Vera

Shockingly, true. Aloe Vera plants are grown worldwide because of their medicinal and healthy properties. But, the plant is an enemy to your feline. 

Aloe Vera is toxic to cats and canines as well. The latex of aloe is a substance that empties the intestinal tract of your kitty. Eventually, they end up with diarrhea. Most cats are unable to bear the loss of water in their body. Owing to this, either you visit vets, or you lose your kitten.

Moreover, cats when hungry can eat plants. Although the pulp of aloe vera is not harmful to them, you need to exclude it from your garden. Since we know meow can’t differentiate between the right parts of the plant. 

Asparagus Fern

One more common plant, people choose to add in their garden is asparagus fern. Kids love this plant too. But, for now, your kitty is also your kid. The way you protect your children from the dangers, the same way you have to save your feline.

Cats love to nibble on houseplants. Unfortunately, this fern plant is allergic to cats. They undergo dermatitis owing to repeated dermal exposure. And this exposure causes them inflammation.  

Additionally, Asparagus contains a toxic substance called Sapogenin (Steroid). If your cat engulfs the berries of this plant, they go through the severe abdominal pain.

Charming Dieffenbachia

Plants make a place alive. But, if you are a cat owner, then you have to be careful while choosing greenery for your home. 

Most of the house gardens have dieffenbachia, commonly known as dumb cane. This plant is easy to grow, but remember it can quickly kill your cat too.

Yes, the dumb cane is a poisonous deterrent to all the animals. So, for every pet, avoid including this shrub in your lawn.

Corn Plant

Undoubtedly, plants add a pure element to the feel of our homes. But why do we need to plant something terrible for our feline companions? The next plant in the row of poisonous plants is corn plant.

According to ASPCA Poison Control, the corn plant is very toxic if your cat ingests its leaves. This easy to grow green causes heart ailments to your meow. Yes, and once your feline love gets involved in problems related to love organ, you can’t save her.

The common symptoms they show after ingesting the corn plant leaves are loss of appetite and vomiting. 

Devil’s Ivy

This plant is straightforward to grow, and one of the most popular picks for personal yards. Admittedly, the Devil’s Ivy is a tropical plant and a lot harmful for cats. 

If kittens ingest the leaves, they suffer oral irritation. Mainly, they encounter excessive drooling, vomiting and heavy breathing. So, it’s better to be safe. Either don’t add it in your park or keep it far away from your kitten’s reach. 

And I believe that for your jumping buddy, nothing is impossible. So, go safe and keep the plant away from your lawn.


People all over America, especially in California, are growing their marijuana plants. And if you are also on the list, then keep this in mind that marijuana is very toxic for cats.

Direct consumption of hemp plants by kittens can cause them sleepiness, hypersalivation, dilated pupils, low blood pressure, seizures, coma and even death.

The list of problems will get longer when you go dense. However, there are many CBD products, which are available in the market to treat cats with various ailments.

So, the catch is the direct ingestion of marijuana leaves is harmful. But, after filters and in the form of medication, it is given to the cats.


Interestingly, this flower has a big family. But, almost every category is harmful to the cats to a certain level. If a cat ingests buds of this flower, she may lose her life in the next few minutes. 

The first problems meows face after eating this plant are difficulty in swallowing and excessive salivation. With every passing day, your kitten turns out to be a lazy creature.

So, try to keep your lawn lily-free if you are a cat lover. 


Sadly, an orange plant is not suitable for your feline friend at all. Symptoms of poisoning from this plant are not only fatal but unique. 

Your cat experiences depression if always lives around the plant. Apart from this, potential photosensitivity has also been witnessed in the plants if they ingest orange fruit. 

Cats have a digestive system which cannot hold the citric acid. And for a fact, oranges are enriched with citric acid. With this in mind, try to ignore this plant if your home has a feline companion.

Crown of thorns (Pencil Cactus)

Pencil Cactus, a crown of thorns in common is a plant toxic to cats. The toxicity can cause a gastric spasm in cats. 

Moreover, due to thin stems, this plant sticks to the feline’s throat and causes deep pain. Later, cats also go through vomitings and diarrhoea.  


All the garden lovers, and especially those who love kitchen gardening pick parsley. Sadly, the plant is not for a cat home. 

It means that you have to keep your interest away from this plant. This snowballs and soft leaves of the plant are chewable. And it’s not a very big deal if your cat eats them. 

This is true that as compared to other plants, this plant is a little bit mild on kittens. Causes vomiting if cats eat them repeatedly. 


Adding taro in your garden is a bold move. It adds pop to your garden space, surely. But, unfortunately, it brings toxicity for your cats too. 

If your cat is munching on its leaves then, unreasonable drooling is waiting for her. Additionally, it causes burning in the stomach and mouth. 

So, you’re intelligent enough to understand why you should not pick this plant for your garden.

Tomato Plant

Oh no! But, unhappily, yes. You have to say goodbye to your red fruit if you are up for greeting a kitty home. Tomatoes are love for gardening lovers, but, unfortunately, an enemy to your cat bud.

Signs of poisoning include hypersalivation, inappetence, extreme burning in mouth and trouble in swallowing. Tomatoes contain substance solanine, which is very deadly for cats.

Once a kitten eats the fruit, you have to visit the vet along with her. The better option is to exclude this plant from your lawn.  


This indoor plant, yucca is easy to grow. One can place it anywhere in the home and can enjoy its growth. 

After feeding on it, cats battle diseases related to the liver. It creates intense pain which your kitty cannot bear for sure.

So, being a cat owner, aware yourself of the demerits of this plant.

To end up, if you love cats and plants, both there is nothing to worry about. Since there is no end to the plant kingdom, you have several choices. There are so many plants which are fit for the kittens and easy to grow. So, don’t mind to investigate on bushes if you love your kitty. It is also a good idea to get an ESA letter if you have an emotional support cat. You can then set up your house plants accordingly.

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