Decoding OG: The famous buzzword that connects the cannabis family

“Hey! Pass me the OG!”. I hope you know what I’m talking about. Do I need to give you a hint? Nah! I’ll give you a joint! Every marijuana enthusiast knows about OG. In fact, I’m smoking one at the moment. So, you can imagine that I’m a hardcore fan too. The word is synonymous with top quality hard hitting cannabis since the inception of popular cannabis culture. Well, it’s not the only term we use for the herb. Every person has its own slang term for it. The terms essentially describe the kind of experience cannabis induces in you.  

What about OG? It’s one of the most famous terms that instantly gives you a hint of dank cannabis. It coexists in different cannabis subcultures and the definition varies depending on who you ask. Popularly, OG Kush is the first thing that pops into your head when you talk about it. But, what exactly is OG? There are different theories floating across cultures. Do you have a theory? Do share with me if you have one. At the moment, let’s discuss what the popular theories have to say. 

Are we referring to the ‘Original Gangster’?

Let’s fly back to the 80s and 90s. The rich hip hop scene was quite well-versed with the term ‘Original Gangster’. It was a time when famous rappers like Dr. Dre and Ice T were rising. OG particularly referred to status and superiority in the gang rifts and wars. It was popularized by famous rapper Ice T who launched an album in 1991 titled ‘Original Gangster’. The term grew popular in California’s rap scene and gradually fused with cannabis culture.

According to one theory, Cypress Hill’s crew linked the word to cannabis grown by the cultivators in San Fernando Valley. DNA Genetics, an Amsterdam based seed bank also supports this theory. They believe that the word was linked to LA based kush back in the 90s and refers to the ‘Original Gangsta’. In fact, OG Kush was the prime strain which enjoyed high popularity among some of the most notorious gangs of the West Coast. Well, I hope the herb calmed them down. 

Did it mean ‘Ocean Grown’?

There is a famous lore behind this. As per the theory, a North California based cultivator met a cannabis smoker one day and they had a lengthy discussion about their experiences. The cultivator had in depth knowledge of growing the famous Afghan Kush. He somehow got the trick to cultivate it on the West Coast. The fellow smoker, not aware of this fact, opened a bag full of stash. What happens next? The grower could instantly tell that the buds were the same that he had grown off the coast. The smoker commented that bud seems to be mountain grown. On that note, the grower instantly commented that it’s ‘Ocean Grown’ and the term has remained popular in the cannabis culture ever since. 

Was it a plan to “Overgrow the government”?

This term stems from the website named Launched in 1999, this website offered a platform where you could swap seeds and share valuable information about cannabis cultivation. This was mainly launched to serve as an “overgrow” of the government. The idea lasted quite a while until the Canadian police busted the website owners in 2006. The cannabis growers probably used the initials ‘OG’ as a code word to refer to the website and it gradually became a part of popular cannabis culture. 

Fan of Netflix? There’s a theory related to that too

There’s a documentary series on Netflix called Murder Mountain’. It mentions the Humboldt County movers referring to an unknown grower flying to Afghanistan to get the original kush seeds. The resulting harvest was noticeably more potent owing to the unique growing environment. The strain was stamped with the name ‘OG Kush’ as it referred to the original strain from the Hindu Kush. 

Some famous OG strains

I know what you’re thinking. Obviously, OG reminds you of the celebrated OG Kush. The potent bud is one of the most famous cannabis strains. Its high THC content makes it a preferred choice among seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Well, how exactly did we get this strain? People seem to have contrasting views on this. North Californians think that the seeds were directly smuggled from Afghanistan and cultivated on the coast. The distinct growing conditions lead to enhanced potency and flavor. 

The second school of thought thinks that it’s a cross between Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Hindu Kush landrace. According to them, it was probably grown by San Fernando Valley cultivators. There are multiple theories but you cannot deny the hype this strain enjoys. It’s been a source of breeding various strains. These include Girl Scout Cookies, Zombie Killer OG, Headband, and Tahoe OG. 

Does it mean anything else? Obviously, it does. There is a meaning to this word outside the cannabis space too. Most commonly, it refers to ‘The Original’.

The OG Kush enjoys a high popularity owing to the potent high it offers. Also, its medicinal benefits cannot be undermined. It’s brilliant for managing depression, anxiety and stress. You can easily source it from a medical or recreational dispensary. The strain surely sketches a unique experience within you. It’s nothing short of magic!

So, have you tried the OG yet? Remember that you will need a medical marijuana card to access OG products online and at medical dispensaries. If you have a medical condition, then you can easily talk to a 420 doctor online and get your recommendation in minutes. 

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