Break up With These Foods to Enjoy a Better Sleep

A night of good sleep is crucial to function all day well. Many factors are responsible for sabotaging your sleep, but what affects it most is food. Whatever you eat directly impacts your body and mind. So, feeding it right is the essential routine you need to carry. So, for good, you need to break up with some of the food items to experience a night of better sleep. Read on to find them out.

Spicy Foods

Do you feel something is burning inside your stomach at bedtime? If yes, then remind yourself that what you had consumed in your last evening meal. Because if you gulped nothing but spicy meatballs, you have invited troubles yourself. It’s okay to feel craving for spices and some crispy food, but try to keep yourself away from them at night. Strong spices get inside and cause indigestion and heartburn. Both the conditions get worse when you lie down on your bed. So, save your spice for brunch, and eat something light at night. 


Many of you think that consuming alcohol can take you on an adventure of a great night’s dream. But, the reality is different. Studies claim that sipping hard drinks before bedtime interrupts you from falling asleep. Many people say that they sleep well after taking one or two drinks. When the alcohol hits a person’s body, they start feeling sleepy, but the night is not less than any struggle for them. You just turn and toss throughout the night. So, better is to switch your hard drink with some herbal tea. 


It is essential to understand that bedtime is the ultimate resting time. Moreover, it’s the only time when our mind gets to rest after meeting all the challenges at work front… And if you feed yourself anything heavy, it will not be possible for your system to digest it. Avoid eating steak at night because it not only increases the cholesterol levels but also induces obesity. If you want to equip your body with proteins, do it when having your first meal. Otherwise, the high-fat contents of steak will not let you sleep all night. 

Dark Chocolate

Even if you’re eating healthy food, wrong timings can disturb your whole health cycle. Eating right is never sufficient, but eating right at the right time is what required by your body. I know to keep yourself away from those last-time munchies before bed is tough. And it gets harder when you’ve got a bar of dark chocolate in your fridge. Dark chocolates can lead to bad acidity and heartburns if you feed on them at night. So, if you can’t control yourself, snack on it at least 2 hours before bed. 


Incorporating tomatoes into your dinner is a bad idea. Tomatoes are the fruits that keep you fresh and energetic all day long. And the night is not about keeping yourself active; instead, it’s about leaving the consciousness behind and enjoying the excellent nightcap. Tomatoes are excellent sources of amino acids known as tyramine, that activates norepinephrine. This chemical increases brain activity, and you end up with changing sides all night. So, better is to avoid tomatoes and their related supplements.


“Mamma mia,” right? I know pizza is love. Staying away from it is like saying no to one of the best foods on the earth. Unfortunately, it is also a food item that sabotages your night sleep. As I mentioned above that tomatoes are not good at night for your body. And sadly, no pizza base goes into the oven without tomato sauce. So, better is to avoid it! Take care of your sleep, and if you want to eat a pizza only, eat it as an evening meal, not as a dining one. Additionally, pizza at night time can cause discomfort inside your body as it’s a food high in fats.

French Fries

It’s hard to avoid french fries. The moment fries come across your eyes; you start feeling their crunch. And in no minutes you experience that you are already finished with eating them. If you eat a bowl of french fries before going to bed, you push your digestive system into overdrive. Either you throw it up at night, or you stay awake due to the heartburn. A lot of people also encounter the problem of acidity after eating french fries. So, decide what do you want- a night of good sleep or no sleep at all.


Not all the greens are good at night. Celery never works on your system as your other salad recipes. Steer clear of this green just before bed. Celery is a food item that is very high in water content. When you eat a bowl full of this veggie before bed, you keep running all night. As a result, whenever you take sides, you feel like urinating, and you lost the chance of night dreaming. So, it’s beneficial to minus it from your dinner menu.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus foods are great for the digestive system. They boost up the metabolism rate and keep you hydrated all the time. But, make sure you water yourself in the day time only. Eating water-rich citrus fruits are also acidic in nature. The Boston Medical Center for Nutrition and Weight management made claims that tangy fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals, but they also produce acids at the night time. Eating them before bed can later lead to vomiting and heartburns. 

To summarize, a bit of control is necessary for your food customs if you want to sleep better. Just maintain a healthy gap between your bedtime and the above food items. 

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