The Ultimate Travel Photography Guide For Amateurs

If you are new to photography and you love traveling but somehow you have not been able to successfully document your travel diaries. We have the perfect travel photography guide for you. And the good news is, after reading this blog you will get an insight into the world of travel photography. So, fasten your seat-belts and get ready to remember the camera settings you almost forgot while trying to capture a beautiful sunset last time. Also, remember that the basics of photography will allow you to cover unexpected locations with a fresh perspective. After all, only an ultimate travel photography guide can help you produce well-captured memories. 

Begin with some research and prepare a checklist

It is vital to do some research before you set foot in a different country or city. You can Google a travel guide or simply find out everything about the place you are traveling in a travel book. This exercise or research will help you figure out what to capture in the lens of your camera. Be it a spectacular sunset, a tourist site, or a century-old museum. Not only this but also learn about the local culture and find out what you can capture as soon as you reach your desired destination. However, always remember that it is essential for a photographer to make a list of equipment they will need for the shoot. For instance, a tripod, vital lenses and, of course, the camera. Although all the smartphones these days are equipped to take pictures you would have not even imagined. So, make sure you pack the necessary equipment before you set out on the journey. 

Stay clear of cliches

Most often people take photographs as displayed in the photography books. This also means that you will take a good picture but miserably fail at giving your own perspective to the picture. So, avoid cliches and try to get a different viewpoint on the subject of photography. Especially the ones that are not used traditionally. Also, don’t forget to get away from the usual tourist spots and explore some offbeat destinations. 

Capture the local life

You will find a lot of capture-able moments in the local life of the city or country you’re traveling. Especially the local culture, that is filled with diversity, colorful sights, natural essence, and much more. Interestingly, when you are capturing the local life and you want your photograph to stand out,  immerse yourself in the local life. You see, this way you will interact with the people and see how they carry on with their daily lives. And, In turn, you get a chance to capture the real essence of their life. In entirety, you will be able to capture memories that are real, unique and far more interesting. 

Photograph portraits

Once you start interacting with the locals and familiarizing yourself with the culture of the city, locals will also respond to your photography efforts. As a result of which you can capture raw portraits of the people who are willing to pose for you. Also, remember when you are shooting portraits, you don’t have to be skeptical about the background. All you have to do is focus on the character of the person you are shooting. For instance, the rawness of the fine lines on the face of an elderly woman or an innocent laugh on the face of a child. However, remember to shoot fewer shoulders and heads and more wide-angle shots of people along with a natural background. 

Take candid photos

Candid photos of people in a natural environment will also make for a good photography portfolio. I mean I am sure most of the photographers will build an online portfolio with the help of an amazing online portfolio builder. And the good news is, they would want to showcase some of their best works. You can do the same by adding candid shots of people in your portfolio. In fact, un-posed photos take away the pressure of posing and you get to practice your own idea but from a different perspective. So, when you are traveling look for opportunities and once you get your shot, click maximum shots. 

Look for details and tell a story

If you look for details you will come across a variety of subjects. Like the unique artistry in a jewelry piece, patterns in the traditional clothing, colors in the shot, and much more. So ensure you look at the details before capturing the shot. Also, remember that it is easier to spot details in the architectural front. So, go visit a museum or a building with heritage importance. In addition to this, when you are traveling the city, try to build a story out of the shots you capture. For instance, you can select a theme or shoot inside a market, and then tell a story of your travels. But the best way to tell a story is by shooting a day in your travel diary.

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