Breaking the 5 Most Common Bad Habits of a Dog

Your dog misbehaving or doing something that they are not supposed to do, no doubt, can be really frustrating for you as an owner. And this can be an even bigger problem if it is an emotional support animal. The work of an ESA is to provide you with the support so that you can manage your psychological condition. But if that support system itself starts giving you problems, it can be really tolling on your mental as well as physical health.

But hey, before you pick up a stick to punish your pup, you should understand that while teaching your dog how to behave properly, punishments don’t usually work. A lot of times, when you punish your dog, he can’t understand the reason behind it or how to respond to it. And ultimately, he may start hiding the behavior.

But then what to do?

Fortunately, breaking the bad habits of your dog isn’t actually very difficult. All you need to do is make them learn what is expected from them.

But how to do that? Well, that’s what you are here for, right?

Here is a list of five of the most common dog bad habits and how to break them.

Chewing Random Objects

Chewing things is quite a normal behavior in dogs. In fact, this is one of the ways they get to know their environment. Furthermore, chewing helps them relieve stress and fight boredom. Plus, it also keeps their teeth healthy and clean.

However, sometimes, your dog may start chewing certain inappropriate things, such as clothes, shoes etc. And this can be a problem. If your dog is chewing random things, it not only damages the item, but also the thing may sometimes be poisonous or problematic for their health. Given all this, you need to make them stop this behavior.

But how to do that?

It’s actually very simple. Whenever you find your dog chewing any inappropriate item, immediately redirect them to something else that they are allowed to chew. This may be a chew toy that you got for them or an old stuffed toy you have. Furthermore, whenever you see your pup chewing an acceptable item, praise them. This way you will be reinforcing their proper behavior.


emotional support animal

Digging is one of the activities that dogs like the most. They do it sometimes to get to a particular scent or sometimes just to release their pent-up energy. However, if your dog starts digging in the middle of your yard or garden, it can be really frustrating. After all, you’ve put in so much effort in creating that green space around you.

So, in order to make sure that this doesn’t happen, try to train your dog to do this activity appropriately. How? Provide them with a sandbox or a particular part of your yard where they can dig. Make sure this new digging area has clear boundaries. Plus, you may also use treats or toys to make this place even more exciting for your pup.

Begging for Food

No matter how desperately or cutely those pearly eyes of your moosh are looking at you, you must not fall into the trap. The key to curb the dinner-time begging is to be consistent. And so, you must not feed your furry friend from your food table, not even once.

If you break against his begging even once, there is a very big chance he’ll keep on repeating this behavior. And no matter how hard you try, his whining and barking will break you again. So, rather than giving in, just get your dog to do some other activity, such as playing with his toy etc., when you are having your food. Keeping him out of sight during food time may also help you curb his begging behavior.

You should also note that giving human food to your pup may even be dangerous for them. A food that works as a medicine for you, may be poison for him. And this is another reason you should never give in to your dog’s begging.

Eliminating themselves Indoors

This is probably one the worst behavior someone can expect from their dog. And if your dog too has a habit of eliminating himself inside the house, it certainly needs to be changed.

Dogs usually pee at certain places or things to make a mark that this is their territory. While this can be acceptable outdoors, indoors, it certainly is a problem. So, in order to break this particular bad habit of your dog, whenever you catch him doing this, or even preparing for it, interrupt him. You may use words like “oops” or “no” for the purpose. And when they have stopped, take them outside. In order to further reinforce this, praise them or give them a reward whenever they themselves choose going outside for urinating.

Barking when Hearing The Doorbell

You may have heard a lot of dogs barking excessively when they hear a doorbell. And this could be because of various different reasons. Some dogs bark out of excitement, some because they become anxious, while others are trained to do so. Some dogs even think that you open the door in response to their barking only, not because of the doorbell. But whatever be the reason, this behavior of a dog can be really problematic sometimes for both you as well as your guest.

But how to control this?

Well, one of the easiest ways of training your dog not to bark at the doorbell is to make them do something else instead. Teach them something else to do when they hear the doorbell, and reward them when they do so. Some of the alternative things you may teach them are to go and wait at the door or go to a designated place inside the house.

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