Some Delicious Dishes you Must Try in California

California- the state we call the home to the greatest culinary traditions across the country! It’s the perfect destination for any foodie out there. Wherever you go, you can find a number of amazing eateries, high-end restaurants, and a fantastic selection of mouth-watering dishes that you can try. 

But there is one problem- given so many choices, trying everything is a bit of a task. So, what foods should you try in the Golden State to get the most out of your trip?


Here is a list of the most amazing dishes that you just can’t miss in California.

Avocado Toast

Californians are actually really proud of their amazing avocados. And thus, they converted this tasty green fruit into a delicious, mouth-watering snack. Avocado toast is made using a piece of bread toast with a topping of salt, pepper, citrus juice, and of course, avocados. You may find multiple varieties of this incredible treat, which may contain various different ingredients, such as onions, tomatoes, salmon, eggs, cheese, and whatnot. But keeping it plain and simple can also be as delicious. 

The dish itself is quite simple and straightforward. But the claims regarding its place of birth are still contrasting. Some believe it to be of Australian origin, while others say that it is from Los Angeles. But wherever it was born, Avocado Toast is the dish that’s probably the best in California.


Another amazing dish that you got to try if you visit California is Burrito. Though a simple dish, burrito can fill your heart and soul with a stream of flavors that you just can’t get enough of. The dish contains an outer layer or wrap of a wheat flour tortilla. And the filling consists of a number of ingredients, including beans, lettuce, rice, meat, cheese, and many more, which make you just drown into your emotions when you take a bite.

Burritos first got to America in around the 1920s in Los Angeles. And soon, it reached every corner of the country. Once it got popular, it became available in almost all restaurants across the US.

But then why eat it in California only?

Well, I’ve tried burrito in various parts of the country. And trust me, California is, no doubt, the best! In fact, recently, I tried it when I visited Irvine a few days back for some volunteer work for the Irvine City Council elections. And it was just wow!

California-Style Pizza

The California-style pizza was invented in the year 1980 by the Chefs of a very famous restaurant in California, Chez Panisse. It is a type of single-serving pizza, which is a combination of pizzas from other states along with a unique local twist. 

Usually, a California style pizza has a thin crust, just like a New York or Italian Pizza. And the toppings are where it reveals its uniqueness. The topping of this pizza may contain shrimp, salmon, asparagus, chicken barbeque sauce, pineapple, etc. 

As a suggestion, try California-style pizza once with white wine or beer. Trust me, it’s amazing!


Another great addition by California to America’s great culinary tradition is none other than Cioppino. The dish is actually a fish stew and is very nourishing and filling. It is usually made with fresh fish and a little bit of whatever you may find from the sea. You can add shrimps, clams, crabs, squids, mussels, and any other things to it. And a typical accompaniment with the dish may include toasted sourdough bread.

According to the food experts, cioppino is an invention of a Genoan fisherman who came to the US and settled in California. Some believe that he made this dish when he was on a boat. And when he couldn’t find anything to eat, he prepared cioppino for the first time with whatever he could find readily available.

Cobb Salad

Want to keep your diet leafy but don’t feel like eating a salad? A cobb salad can be a great middle-ground for you.

Cobb salad is an amazing example of California’s creativity. It was invented in the 1930s by the owner of one of LA’s very famous restaurants The Brown Derby, Robert Cobb. Traditionally, you make Cobb Salad with lettuce, avocados, cheese, tomato, hard-boiled egg, red wine vinaigrette, and bacon, which make it not actually a very healthy choice. But it surely is the heartiest one. 

A lot of Americans make cobb salad themselves, which can be quite good even as a to-go snack. However, if you really want to savor the taste of this incredible delicacy, you must try it in a good restaurant in California.