Supplements That You Should Take To Nourish Your Body

Let’s be honest, we aren’t one of those blessed generations who could eat and get healthy food easily. Living in an era where we try to make pizza and burgers healthy for ourselves, we certainly cannot rely on food alone for all our dietary needs. Vitamins and minerals are essential and majority people don’t even consider them as important as the macro nutrients. All their concentration is on balancing and reaching the appropriate amount goal for the macronutrients. So what exactly is the solution? How can we get the required micronutrients? I know you know what I’m going to talk about. Supplements!

But do you need supplements? Of course you do! Okay, I’ll be very honest, studies revealed that healthy people don’t really need supplements especially if they can manage to get all the nutrients in the right amount every day. If you think it is possible for you and your diet can provide you all the essential vitamins and minerals while balancing the proteins, fats, fibres and carbohydrates, you don’t need supplements and you can totally skip this blog, but if you think you can’t, well continue reading to know what supplements you’ll require.


We all know the importance of calcium in our body. The ultimate bone builder, calcium is literally a prerequisite for a healthy, strong body. Do I really need to mention what a lack of calcium can do to your body?

Calcium is a mineral found in milk and dairy products but we have proudly switched to vegan milk options. So, in order to get the required calcium for your body, you can start taking calcium supplements. If you’re wondering who all should take it, I would say anyone can. From a teenager to old people, anyone can and should have calcium supplements. Young people under 50 years of age can consume 500mg of calcium every day and if you are older than that, you can take 800-1000mg daily.

Please note that taking calcium supplements does not mean you cannot have your regular dairy or products that would contain calcium. These amounts can be taken irrespective of your natural calcium intake.

Fish Oil

Don’t tell me you didn’t know people consume fish oil supplements. You may be aware of the omega-3 supplements, that is exactly what fish oil supplements have to offer.

Fish are an amazing source of omega-3 which is essential for your heart and blood vessel health. Not only can omega-3 fatty acids reduce your chances of getting a heart attack by lowering blood pressure, these are even good for your immune system, joints, and mental health. If you can’t consume fish every week for some reason, you should consider taking fish oil supplements. Especially if you are obese or have experienced a cardiovascular condition before.


Now this can be completely different from what people usually recommend. CBD oil is good and effective for your mental health. If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety and get stressed over little things but still don’t wish to consume antidepressants, anti anxiety pills because they can be addictive, you can simply try CBD oil out. We are a generation that can keep oneself busy overthinking all the night and well, we have cried ourselves to sleep more than anyone can ever imagine. If this wasn’t enough, we are a generation who cannot even sleep. Don’t you too envy people who hit the bed and sleep? While you struggle to sleep even after hours of being in bed waiting for your eyes to feel heavy and your brain to stop thinking. If you can relate to this, you should consider taking CBD oil. You can either take it sublingually or try BudPop’s carts. While CBD oil won’t necessarily give you a high, delta 8 carts shall give you the euphoric effects. But there’s nothing to be scared of, CBD is safe and effective.


Are we even discussing supplements if we haven’t included multivitamins? I can write all the vitamin supplements you can take separately but that will literally mean that you’ll have to take a handful of supplements so instead of taking a dedicated pill for one vitamin each, consider taking pills that can offer you multiple vitamins and minerals all at once. That is the purpose of multivitamins.