How to Use Yoga for Better Writing

A therapeutic workout that has innumerable benefits, yoga acquired the attention of western countries quite recently. The response has been overwhelming especially after it was picked up as a workout routine that has similar benefits to meditation but offers a lot more than just that. From clarity of mind to flexibility, yoga can influence both mental and physical health.

The effects and benefits of yoga are still not limited. It may come as a shock to some but yoga can even enhance creativity and help every artist out there in getting over their respective blocks. Yogis have been advocating about this benefit of yoga a lot and they often include yoga or meditation sessions for creativity in their services. While a significant number of people recognize this benefit, there is a majority population that is yet to get over the shock or disbelief.

Benefits of Yoga for Writers

It shouldn’t be unbelievable that yoga can help in writing especially when one knows how it has the potential to relieve body and mind. A writer majorly struggles with muscle soreness and writer’s block both of which are mental and physical issues respectively. To mention the benefits of yoga for writers specifically, I have enlisted a few relieving effects.

  • Alleviates Muscle Pain
  • Reduces Stress
  • Remove Writer’s Block
  • Energizes the Individual

A writer will immediately relate to all these problems that they have to deal with on a day to day basis. The sore muscles in back, neck and shoulders can be a torture. And, no matter how much you try to massage or stretch it while sitting at your desk, you will not get over the uncomfortable feeling. But, by practising yoga you will definitely feel better.

‘More relaxed and less stressed’ is what yoga promises and delivers unconditionally.

By reducing stress and energizing the individual, yoga can open up the mind to creativity in no time. This may be something that is hard to believe but yoga can help you get over the block. Generally the reason behind the block is an overstressed mind that barely has any space to generate new ideas. On top of that, body fatigue and low energy contribute to the anxiety and stress which in turn block the mind even more. To get out of the box one would need to be flexible, mentally and physically but mostly metaphorically. Yoga offers that flexibility in all aspects.

Can We Increase the Effects of Yoga?

Yes. The effects and benefits of yoga can be enhanced by just adding one step to the process. It is a really trending topic these days and people have a lot to say in its favor. Practicing yoga is great but practicing yoga while being high is unbeatable. The therapeutic effects of both cannabis and yoga get multiplied and the result is, well, nothing less than a therapy. Books have been written, special classes are being delivered, and people have experiences to share. This practice is trending tremendously among yogis and medical patients. People usually prefer smoking delta 8 flower before their yoga session to get its medicinal benefits and the infamous high.